We are dealing with Sudarshan saur solar water heaters in Bangalore.(Rural and Urban)

A Sudarshan saur solar water heater can bring long-lasting benefits to your home, For many years to come. As it requires no electricity or gas, expenses are reduced and savings go up! With highly advanced features such as 3 T Gold Standard tubes, Glass-lined tank, High pressure PUF insulation and many more, This becomes an invaluable investment for your home.

Why is a Sudarshan Saur Solar Water Heater right for you?
  • The only company awarded for ‘Best Service Network’ and Highest sales by Govt. of India
  • Manufacturing facilities of International standard
  • 25 years of Vast Experience
  • A dedicated customer care unit for lifetime service and support
  • Trusted by lakhs of customers
  • The topmost SP-1A rated company, by Govt. Of India

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